May 2008

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ZigBee Resource Guide and Analysts Predictions

  Ken Sinclair Editor

The ZigBee Resource Guide has been endorsed by the ZigBee Alliance, and focuses solely on products, applications and standards issues surrounding this exciting short-range wireless technology for wireless control in many applications.

New Products
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"We feel that ZigBee is an intriguing and extremely useful technology, and are pleased to have aligned ourselves with the ZigBee Alliance in an effort to increase awareness about ZigBee's numerous benefits across a wide range of industries and applications," said Jeremy Martin, editor, ZigBee Resource Guide.

The ZigBee Resource Guide includes a mix of technical and market articles, application profiles, and vendor product and service information. There are four principal components to the guide:

Technology Review and Market Outlook articles written by leading industry professionals and analysts
Application Profiles and Product & Service Showcase articles from participating vendors
Standards Update

To request your own print copy of the ZigBee Resource Guide,

About Advanced Technology Network:
The ZigBee Resource Guide is published by Advanced Technology Network; the world's premier media network serving the advanced technology marketplace. It links the individual media properties of Webcom Communications into a combined media platform of publications, events, online media and data products serving advanced technology markets worldwide.

Analysts Predictions for ZigBee

Each year, the Alliance conducts numerous briefings with industry analysts as they work to size the potential of ZigBee in the various markets where Alliance members sell products and services. Here is a quick synopsis of what these groups have said so far this year:

On World - March 19, 2008

  • Adoption for 802.15.4 and ZigBee chipsets is accelerating in several industries, according to ON World. Last year, 7 million 802.15.4 and ZigBee chips were sold worldwide, an increase of 1400% from 2004.

  • "The ZigBee mesh network protocol is driving adoption in large volume Wireless Sensor Network markets such as advanced metering infrastructure, building automation, and home automation and controls," according to Mareca Hatler, Director of Research. "ZigBee is showing up in innovations such as real-time location systems, vending machine management, and point-of-sale systems."

  • ZigBee is the most popular low data rate wireless technology and respondents in ON World's recent survey with WSN experts indicate that ZigBee makes up 44% of current and planned WSN products.



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