November and December 2004

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Articles - December 2004

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Control Solutions, Inc

ZigBee or Not ZigBee  In order to standardize the implementation of digital radio telemetry across many markets, including commercial HVAC controls, the ZigBee organization has formed.  Guy Zebrick, Account Manager, Kele, Inc

Web Services – A New BACnet Standard  ASHRAE SPC 135 adds Web services to BACnet Steve Tom, PE, PhD, Director of Technical Information, Automated Logic Corporation

From Buildings to the Enterprise via IT  The building industry needs to focus on that word “Information” because it is the information that can be extracted out of buildings that will provide the value to the enterprise.  Anto Budiardjo, Clasma, Inc.

M2M Expo Europe shows how technology changes the way business is done Steve Whitehead,  Technical Director, Comtech Holdings Ltd

Maintenance Control - from Zero to Hero  Six Giant Steps to Effective Maintenance Management  Bryan D Weir, Perspective CMMS

Intelligent Buildings – Capturing the Opportunities  Review of ib2004, two-day conference. Andy Haynes, Event Producer, i&i limited

IIPSEC 2005  Europe’s premier networked security event. Kevin Fagan, IIPSEC 2005 Event Director

Transducer Technology  A breath of fresh air for rodents. Case Study Noel J. Barrette, Marketing Communications Manager, Setra Systems, Inc.

From Disneyland to Disney World  AHR Expo 2005 - Celebrating 75 Years! 1930 – 2005  Ken Sinclair,

Articles - November 2004

Plan Users Guide - Job Planning and Specific Planning Steps   Better understanding and management of job costs.  Al De Wachter, ICS Inc

Integrated, Interoperable and Intelligent  …the Buildy targets Next Generation Buildings  Jack Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

Design Notes  This is the eighth of nine articles where we are introducing the cost benefit for interoperability and that gained from the procurement technique achievable with open systems and choice. Paul D.J. Mason, C.E.O. BWP plc

…back to School on Direct Digital Control of Renewable Energy - Case Study  Jack Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

Our Convergence Collision with Electronic Signage Networks  The networked digital signage industry is now poised to deliver the logical evolution to central sound - central video.  Ken Sinclair,

Past Favorites 

contemporary November
Jack Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.  Integrated, Interoperable and Intelligent  …

Brian Jones, Marketing Consultant, The S4 Group, Inc Johnson Controls Metasys N2 Networks in an Open Systems Environment
Al De Wachter, ICS Inc Plan Users Guide - Project Control

Lyle Bunn, Senior Partner, Apogee Partners  Electronic Signage for Safer Buildings
Mike Schell, AirTest Technologies Measuring The Right Thing For Humidity Control…

David E. Craven, Director of OEM Sales, AndoverControls  A Wake-Up Call and a Brainer
Ken Sinclair,  
Waking Up to Wireless 
Paul Sereiko, Founder, President, Sensicast Systems  Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks
Al Mouton, President, Loytec Americas Inc.  LonWorks and BACnet System Solution on a Chip
Al Mouton, President, Loytec Americas Inc. 
LonWorks and BACnet System Solution on a Chip
Paul D.J. Mason, C.E.O. BWP plc  Cost Comparison Model - Open vs Proprietary
Weilin Wang, Michael Nova, and John Edler, Kiyon, Inc. 
Autonomic Wireless Building Networks
Deepak Wanner, Founder, Precidia Technologies  Reaping the Benefits of IP
January 2004
Jason Sprayberry, Digi International  Ethernet: The Common Thread to Total Building Systems Integration
Randy Kondor, Matrikon Inc. Integrating OPC into Building Automation - The Latest Trend 
Engineered Systems November Supplement Marketing Convergence



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