September 2010

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September 2010

eu.bac  eu.bac combines the collective potential of Europe’s home and building automation industry.  Jean-Yves Blanc, President of the eu.bac

Smart Grid Dictionary, 2nd Edition The 1st Edition had a comprehensive list of North American regulatory agencies, industry associations, and standards organizations, and the 2nd Edition includes European and Asian entities. Christine Hertzog, Managing Director, Smart Grid Library

Implementing Intelligent Building Solutions  Energy is the most expensive component of a building, manage it like an asset. Buildings run and operate in real-time; manage them in real-time. Marc Petock, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Tridium, Inc.

Video Analytics Increase Building Intelligence  The IOS, unlike conventional room sensors, utilizes intelligent video analytics, which, besides being significantly more accurate, provide the ability to count the number of people within an area at any given time. This occupancy function allows building managers to very specifically determine how the space is supported by automated systems. Lyrtech, Inc. & ObjectVideo, Inc.

August 2010

Another modulating thermostat?  With some clever engineering solutions each product is ready to be shipped to any country in the world and is complete with a mounting plate that will mount on all Asian, European or North American standard electric boxes.  Paul Balazovjech, President, Spartan Peripheral Devices

Energy Efficiency in Private Sector Buildings  Retrofitting of these facilities has the potential to create both environmental and economic impact for building owners, tenants and communities. Given the scope of improvements needed, there is potential to create more than 360,000 jobs to service these facilities over the next 10 years.  Leland Smith, East Coast Director, Private Sector, Johnson Controls

July 2010

The Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) Market  The most logical first step in deploying SMA services is security, as this is already a $6 billion+ market. On top of that, roughly 20% of Americans are already subscribing to some sort of home security service.  Jason Domangue, Vice President of Marketing, uControl

An Ideal Climate for Retrofit Projects  Intelligent building control systems available today are capable of improving both a company’s short-term bottom line as well as long-term sustainability.  Joseph Gillespie, Analyst, ARC Advisory Group

Real-Time System Monitoring and Predictive Analysis Solution for Electrical Power Infrastructure  Power analytics continually compares the performance of every component in a facility’s power network, in real-time, even for microgrids.  Mark A. Ascolese, CEO and Chairman of EDSA Micro Corporation

Benefits of Smart Grid  To move ahead with smart grid, and realize any of its benefits, we must focus on consumer education, regulation and policy, and standards.  John D. McDonald, P.E. GE Energy, Digital Energy Technical Strategy & Policy Development Director, GE

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