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Veris Introduces the Industry's Most Universal Differential Pressure Sensor

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PORTLAND, OR – April 29, 2008 –Veris Industries announces the launch of its new pressure sensor, the PXU. This trend-setting dry media differential pressure sensor is one of a kind. It’s adaptable to both panel and duct applications, reducing installation costs and the number of models needing to be stocked.

“We continually strive to make life easier for our customers, and ultimately the installer,” stated Dennis Carr, Veris Industries VP of Building Automation Systems. “The marriage of our duct and panel dry media pressure sensors into one product [the PXU] truly captures that essence. With one model to specify, stock, and install for all applications, it makes pressure sensing effortless.”

PlantPROCORE Gone are the days of worrying which pressure sensor to specify, and if you have the right one for the job. The PXU adapts to suit the need. It features seven field-selectable ranges, covering a wide span of 0-10” W.C. Also, jumpers configure operational modes, fast or slow response, and inch W.C. or pascal scales, making the PXU the ideal dry media pressure sensor for any application.

Veris Industries Strategic Accounts Manager, Mike Borst stated, “We’ve received rave reviews with the release of the PXU. Customers are impressed with the versatility of the product; how it answers the need for so many applications, and reduces the chance for error, ultimately making their jobs and projects more successful.”

The PXU is based on Veris’ widely recognized sensing technology, utilizing a highly accurate and stable sensor, which is microprocessor profiled for improved accuracy and reliability. This advanced ceramic capacitive sensing element is used to produce a highly stable linear output significantly reducing errors compared to conventional sensors. This, coupled with its unique flexibility, positions the PXU to be the new standard in differential pressure monitoring.

About Veris Industries
Veris Industries is a premier provider of energy and environmental sensor products, and is recognized for setting new standards in customer service and product innovation. For additional information on the PXU, or any of Veris’ industry leading products please call 1.800.354.8556 or send an email to



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