May 2008
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Illumra™ -- a New Line of EnOcean-based Wireless Controls

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[Orem, UT] Ad Hoc Electronics announced today a new line of self-powered wireless controls that reduce the amount of time and materials needed to install green building energy management systems. Based on the EnOcean protocol, the Illumra product line includes wireless light switches and sensors (temperature, occupancy and light) that are self-powered using mechanical or solar energy sources. These battery-free transmitters communicate with room and building controllers to conserve energy through occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and personal workspace control technologies.

Green buildings minimize energy waste by switching off lights to reduce air conditioning demands in unoccupied spaces; reducing artificial light levels when natural light is available; and allowing building occupants to customize lighting and temperature preferences at individual workspaces. Implementing these technologies enhances productivity and saves on long-term costs. Illumra Controls provide solutions for energy-efficient buildings and require substantially less time and materials than purely wired solutions. EnOcean-based transmitters do not use batteries and the system offers maintenance-free, long-term operation.

Illumra products do not require wiring between the transmitter and controlled device; allowing the switches and sensors to be placed anywhere. Illumra wireless light switches uses a small micro-generator to convert each switch-press into a small amount of electricity that powers a built-in transmitter. Illumra sensors harvest energy through a small solar cell which collects energy from ambient light. Interoperable receivers can plug into outlets or be hard-wired to the devices they control.

Reliable Controls Electrical-equipment distributors across the U.S. stock Illumra Self-powered Wireless Controls. Illumra solutions can also be purchased via the Ad Hoc Electronics website (

About Ad Hoc Electronics
Ad Hoc Electronics is a system integrator and distributor of wireless data products, providing companies with the products and expertise they need to add wireless capability to their own systems and devices. The company integrates and distributes industry-leading products to provide wireless solutions for applications in sensors, controls and networking markets (visit, write to or call (801) 225-2226).

About EnOcean
EnOcean, the inventor of self-powered wireless sensor and switch modules, manufactures embedded radios that simplify the development of sustainable green buildings. Over 10,000 EnOcean-enabled sensors and switches have been deployed worldwide (building automation, lighting, industrial, automated meter reading and environmental applications). The company is a spin-off of Siemens AG. U.S. operations are based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah (


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