December 2008

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December 2008

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EMerge Alliance Launched To Create A New Standard For Power Distribution and Device Control in Commercial Buildings.
Brian Patterson, Chairman EMerge Alliance
New, broad-based consortium assembling expertise in architecture, engineering and construction practices to establish a common platform for building interiors of the future.

2008 in Review
Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Constellation NewEnergy
This year has been a very dynamic one, and we have seen many successes in demand response. 

OPC in the UAE
Mostafa Shahto Systems Integration Engineer, Siemens Security Solution, Dubai, UAE.
Manny Mandrusiak, CD, Director of OPC Marketing, Matrikon
OPC technology is becoming a standard and is allowing for increased flexibility in integrating and customizing solutions locally.

AHR Interviews

Advanced Integrated Lighting Controls in the Spotlight
Jeff Seewald, PE, Intelligent Building Systems Engineer
In cooperation with CABA, we are holding our fourth annual Building Intelligence Tour at AHR Expo in Chicago on January 27th. This is a full day educational seminar, and the focus will be on Advanced Integrated Lighting Controls.

What is new for the upcoming AHR?
Paul Balazovjech, President, Spartan Peripheral Devices
This year, we have seven important items to discuss and display….

November 2008

Smart Grid-Interopers Gather in Atlanta
Steve Widergren, Administrator GridWise Architecture Council
On 11- 13 November 2008 in Atlanta the second Grid-Interop forum will bring stakeholders together to develop consensus on interoperability directions. 

ZigBee’s Energy Saving Potential Comes of Age
Alexey Rybakov, Managing Director, MeshNetics’ ZigBit Business Unit
The ZigBee Alliance has developed a set of energy efficient specifications  known as the Smart Energy public profile.

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