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April 2006Last month was a record setter for with over 1.1 million hits with a record of over 120,000 visits to our web site. A lot of this was in response to our new rss news feed plus the fact that our content is now being picked up by Google News, but in addition there is a general increasing awareness and interest in our industry by all. In this month's feature article Anto and I team up to tell you why in our article Building Automation Renaissance - How to survive and prosper from Building-IT Convergence. Mr GridWise Jack McGowan provides continuing  insight in his The GridWise Buzz…It’s Electric. The smart grid envisions an interoperable system that leverages information technology and automated systems to meet demand. Tom moves us away from PID control into the new world of relational control in Part 2 of his three part series. My AHR Expo speaking partner David Branson has this to say Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) is an emerging technology in the HVAC industry that has great potential for application toward improvement of indoor air quality (IAQ).

You and yours need a spring break and here is the ticket!  An interesting technical program called; Moving Building Automation Systems out of the BOILER ROOM and into the BOARD ROOM that you can attend while supporting ASHRAE and still have fun playing in and exploring beautiful Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada.

We are extremely pleased to have many great Interviews for April and lots of Reviews.

April Reviews
Building Automation 2006 Conference
ODVA Feb 2006 Phoenix Meeting Report
Hong Kong Harbour 'Symphony Of Lights'

April Interviews
2006 Niagara Summit
Marc Petock
Making Success a Standard: A New Approach
Al De Wachter
Web Services Track at BuilConn
Tim Huneycutt
Understanding the Connectivity Law  Anto Budiardjo
Sensicast “The Wireless Advantage” Gary Ambrosino
Realcomm NextGen Asia Tour Jim Young
IT-Convergence – Have we crossed the chasm? Allan McHale
IBB Back at BuilConn 2006! Leighton Wolffe

March 2006  February has flown by very quickly.  It seems like I just got back from AHR Expo in Chicago and now it is time to put our minds to the March issue. My 10 Takeaways from AHR Expo Chicago has been very well read, receiving approximately three times the normal reads of our favourite articles. Thanks for your support of this piece.  I felt I had to get it all down before I bumped my head and forgot it.

The energy and feeling of the transition into the new era, industry synergy, and the feeling of all the pieces fitting together has not stopped.  We are now working with Anto to help put together the Building Connectivity Forum. To be held in Palm Springs, BuilConn is comprised of multiple industry-related events over three days where building professionals of varying experience levels can explore the immense benefits of whole building integration in light of IT convergence.

I was pleased to receive a personnel invitation to Cisco Systems' sponsored roundtable discussions in Palm Springs on IT Convergence & Building Automation.  As a major player in the networking industry, Cisco seeks to open a dialogue with key building automation players to establish leadership in the development of this groundbreaking solution worldwide. Cisco is committed to supporting the global real estate industry in the transformation of how we build, own, operate, and use real estate. Cisco views building automation as one of the essential enablers for this transformation. Consequently, Cisco is reaching out to the building automation industry.

Anto has provided us his thoughts in an article Connectivity Today which I follow up with an article with links to articles and interviews that demonstrates answers to the question Connectivity Which Way?

Couple this with great interviews from Honeywell and Cisco plus these articles:

Wireless! Building Automation Unwired [Abridged]  Using one wireless backbone for several systems can reduce engineering, construction, commissioning and operating cost over the entire life of the building.  John Edler and Weilin Wang, Kiyon

New Vistas With Relational Control  A Three Part Series PART 1: Why PID Control is Outdated for Modern Building Applications Tom Hartman

The Market for IT Convergence in Buildings  The first published study on the market for IT-convergence James McHale, Business Analyst i&i Ltd

Closing the Loop  Making Success a Standard  Al De Wachter, President ICS Inc

We have been working on improving our web site by reorganizing how we handle the great number of news release we receive daily.  We now provide a HomeToys RSS News Feed News Feed ( Which Needs a RSS Feed Reader ) and have provided a New Our RSS news feed rendered into HTML

If you are like I was earlier this month, and do not know what RSS is RSS is a Web content syndication format.  The name is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Read here for more details

We are slowly figuring it all out so bear with us as we install this new news service. Please share with us any suggestions you have to better use this approach and others to keep moving our web site forward to meet your needs. Our News Briefs are now handled as news feed items and archived for now in a similar format as before.

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Lots of industry breaking information in our News Briefs, News Releases, New Products, Interviews, Articles, and Reviews

As I always say, it is a great time to be in the news business for our industry. 

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