July / August 2006

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August 2006

Singapore 2006
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO Clasma Events Inc.
It has been said many times before that Asia, and especially Singapore is leading the charge with Intelligent Buildings.

Intelligent Buildings
Paul Ehrlich, President, Building Intelligence Group
We have seen strong progress toward delivery of Intelligent Buildings. The technologies have become more economical, the integrators more sophisticated, but most importantly owners are starting to demand it.

Wireless Device Networking Market
John Morris, Vice President - Americas, Jennic, Ltd.
There are markets that ZigBee talks about, like home and building controls, industrial automation and the like, but watch out for health care devices, office equipment, AMR, and some consumer products you simply won’t believe.

What is the Mediator™ platform?
David Leimbrock, Director of Engineering, Richards-Zeta

The Mediator™ platform provides an integration framework, known as the Multi-Protocol Exchange (MPX™), which allows for the convergence of multiple disparate building systems onto an IP network.

July 2006

BuilConn Next Steps – Going Global
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO Clasma Events Inc.
ConnectivityWeek is our new umbrella brand to “house” BuilConn, M2M, GridWise and Wi-tivity. It’s a brand we will use around the world to gather subjects related to connectivity of devices and systems, such as building controls and automation.

Building Automation 2006
Robert Beverly, Editor Engineered Systems Magazine
We felt that there was a need for a conference that was delivered regionally, summarized the issues and was focused on owners and consultants.

Digital Signage Systems
Jeffrey Soong, CEO 1-2-1VIEW Corporation
Digital signage has the potential to transform a building into a modern and highly attractive venue with substantial revenue potential.

Pacific Northwest GridWise™ Testbed Demonstration
Don Hammerstrom, Ph.D., Project Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
I believe the word “testbed” reflects our hope for an enduring field demonstration site where progressive utilities and the lab can test various emerging innovations, equipment, and tools. Our present “testbed” extends over four cities and multiple regulatory entities in Washington and Oregon and involves several utilities.

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