September & October 2005  

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Editorial Comments by Ken Sinclair

Letters to the editor

It is time to get wise, GridWise that is. October's issue has lots of news, an interview, an article and even Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about GridWise. I feel that it is important to become wise as our large building automation industry is being swept into an active part of the national electrical energy grid. Load interaction in lieu of increased generation and grid expansion is the new reality, not just a radical thought. It is a logical approach of using existing installed technologies to solve real problems. Could we be in a better place and time as an industry? This is an opportunity beyond our greatest dreams and elevates our industry out of the weeds and very much into the public view. Are we ready? Can we give ADR and GridWise’s Interoperability Constitution our full support? This is the killer application we have all been looking for so let’s not let these opportunities go unchecked.

Lots of industry breaking information in our News Briefs, News Releases, New Products, Interviews, Articles, and Reviews

It has been a busy month planning for our trip to Clima and LonWorld in Europe as well as a preparing the supplement for Engineered Systems November issue called Integrating Intelligence with Paul and Tom, plus helping put together this year's Training Sessions.

"The Automator"
New Products
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    This issue reminds us that the end of summer is here and of the busy schedule of events for the coming year. Jane and I are off to Clima and LonWorld in Europe in October so will need our readers to help keep us abreast on this years events.

I am always amazed that our policy not to have themes for each issue often results in a group of just in time articles that have a common theme. This month's articles all scream that change is coming, change is here and that you had better be ready for that change.

Anto writes: eight specific action tasks that should be considered by all stakeholders in building systems in his fourth article in a series.

Jack writes: I believe energy services is poised for a next wave that will be characterized by revisions in the technology applied as well as the financing approaches used.

Even a writer wishing to remain  Anonymous writes; DDC controls and security systems will become a commodity not unlike cell phones, inexpensive highly functioning devices sold on the open market.

And as usual my comments are completely Pointless

I have also included a sneak preview of the chapter I prepared for of ISA's Guide to comprehensive information about all major topics in the broad field of automation. Trying to describe our complete industry in one chapter is a real challenge.

These interviews are also part of our September
What does the Building Intelligence Group offer to Systems Integrators?
Leighton Wolffe, Founding Associate of the Building Intelligence Group
The intent is to help elevate the professionalism and caliber of the System Integrator staff.

Wireless Sensing Solutions (2nd Annual Event)
Tim Scannell, Conference Director of Wireless Sensing Solutions
This year’s event will explore actual deployments and solutions as well as include information on present and evolving technology.

 Lots of other articles this month.

As I always say, it is a great time to be in the news business for our industry

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