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Babel Buster Network Gateways: Big Features. Small Price.
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Articles - December 2015
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Evolving User Experience in the IoT Building  Our IoT visualization solutions need to be flexible enough to serve relevant data to each stakeholder in the format and on the device they choose to use. - Greg Barnes, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Activelogix, LLC

In Search of a Brain for our Self-Driving Buildings’s only a matter of time before someone creates the self-learning software brain that the self-driving building requires. - Brad White, P.Eng, MASc, Principal, SES Consulting Inc.

Turning Big Data into Building Intelligence  Dynamic Machine Learning Comes to Commercial Building Controls - Dr. Igor Mezic, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor​, Co-Founder​ & John D. Morris, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Ecorithm

Intelligent, Small and Simple BAS BACnet Routers at Large Sites  The initial hardware, software and planning costs may have been higher, but the results in simplified ongoing maintenance are outstanding. - Albert Putnam, VP Tech Ops, Cimetrics

Calculating Energy Costs Based on Real World Complex Utility Rates – Introducing Rate Modeler and Tariff Engine Features for SkySpark® - John Petze, Principal, SkyFoundry

Today’s Smart Buildings Value Propositions Today, it's no longer disputed that the transformation to smart, connected buildings can result in lower operating costs, conservation of energy and better occupant experiences.  - Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Energy Harvesting Wireless Reduces Energy Usage  Retrofit projects are no longer a hurdle for an improved carbon footprint. - Jim O'Callaghan, President, EnOcean Inc.

CoRE Tech’s Silicon Valley Message: ‘Just Do It.’ - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

The Rules are Changing in the Global Lighting Controls Business  Add in the potential to at last open up the latent retrofit market and it can be seen that there are enormous opportunities for those able to understand the various market influences and how to exploit them. - Allan McHale, Director, Memoori

Integrating People, Place, Process and Technology:  A Platform for Integrated Facilities Management - Rick Rolston, CEO, BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation

Control Solutions, Inc Columns - December 2015

App Overload Regardless of what I need to do, there is an App for that. - Manny Mandrusiak, Managing Creative Consultant, 4 Bravo Marketing

VAV Diffusers, Packaged Rooftop Units, and BAS  A “newish” concept comes out for public bid - Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

Smart Building Integrators Should Celebrate the End of Net Metering  The engineering is now unconstrained by artificial limits of technology choices driven by the need of grid operators to limit technology options. - Toby Considine, TC9 Inc

BAS – Back to the Future  What will systems look like in ten, twenty, or thirty years? - Paul Ehrlich, Ira Goldschmidt & Angela Lewis, Building Intelligence Group

Collecting, Clarifying, Quantifying, and Qualifying Connections I would like all our readers to join in helping us build "Our Connection Collection" Ken Sinclair,

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