December 2016
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Articles - December 2016
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry. 
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Is the Cloud Safe?  Ultimately, it falls on the business to ensure the security of their data, even in the cloud. - Kevin Binnie, Director, Product Management and Marketing, CopperTree Analytics

The “Swiss Army Knife” For Building Automation BACeye 2.0 is a cross-functional tool that can be used to clearly visualise networks and quickly identify problems. - Nils-Gunnar Fritz, CEO, MBS GmbH

The Age of Perfect Information  The implications of mining and analyzing machine data are immense; this is where the real core value creation opportunity lies within the Internet of Things. - Glen Allmendinger, President, Harbor Research, Inc.

BMS And IP Converge For Smart Building Network Infrastructure  Each individual change creates new challenges but the wave of change as a whole is creating a sea of new opportunities to create greater efficiency, reduce costs and enhance a building’s environment. - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Analytics – What Problem Are We Trying To Solve? - Paul Oswald, Managing Director, CBRE|ESI

The Story Threads to Follow as Smart Buildings Enter a New Year  The storyline that emerged in 2016 offered new clues and revealed certain dead-ends. - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

Energy Efficiency Education Dashboards® (EEED)  A web application that educates building occupants by showcasing real-time energy data and green building features. - Jessica Johnson, Content Marketing Manager, QA Graphics  

Pump Your Project Haystack Tags and Data Up  Enter the Onyxx BACnet to Haystack Data Pump.  - Travis Reno, Product Development Manager, Lynxspring

Are Your Buildings Ready for the Future of IoT in Buildings?  The key to preparing for a future in IoT is understanding that there is no one-size fits all solution. - Don Kasper, Vice President Operations, Ecorithm

Big Building Data Brings New Opportunities for Commercial Buildings From historical data to utility and resource data to the real-time sensor and other software data, analytics can reveal an array of valuable insights. -  Will Coleman, CEO, Lucid 

Haystack Connect 2017 Call for Speakers is Now Open - John Petze, Executive Director,

Maximizing Human Comfort – Why Do HVAC Systems Suck So Much? - Brad White, P.Eng, MASc Principal, SES Consulting Inc.

What Building Owners Want and What’s Their Role in Construction - Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, LEED AP, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

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Eight Agents for Energy  The descriptions below refer to electric power for clarity and brevity. The agent behaviors apply to any resource micromarket. - Toby Considine, TC9 Inc

The Future for Building Automation Systems  This month, I want to take a look forward to what I envision needs to happen with building automation and controls over the next decade. - Paul Ehrlich & Ira Goldschmidt, Building Intelligence Group

Opportunities for a Better BACnet  There is a definite parallel to be drawn with the DDC revolution, but Building IoT (internet of things) or BIoT has the chance to be even more pervasive as it will cut across ALL industries. - Ken Sinclair,

Open Edge Software Fuels Self-Learning Operability - Truly open edge software provides access to all data which fuels self-learning and enables unbridled creation for the new breed of makers that will marry our industry and IoT. - Ken Sinclair,

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