September 2007

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  Editorial Comments by Ken Sinclair

Ken Sinclair

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"Demand Dollars fuel our New Economy

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Our Building Automation Industry can now demand dollars for giving back kW of electrical peak demand to the grid. This new reality is changing everything, while creating a new and very demanding Demand Response Industry. This new industry comes with new dollars for our industry which were previously spent on providing electrical generation and distribution. We have a tremendously resource in our September issue about this incredible opportunity. Please make time to read these insightful articles.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Senior Director of Energy Technology Services writes; Constellation NewEnergy is increasing its efforts to work with systems integrators and merchants to introduce demand response onto existing open IT platforms. This shift to a new energy paradigm will position both systems integrators and their customers to fully participate in the emerging energy marketplace of the 21st century.

Leighton Wolffe, Principal, Wolffe Technology Consultants announces the formation of the NewEnergy Alliance, an organization founded by Constellation NewEnergy that includes leading equipment manufacturers, building automation companies, system integrators, and software application businesses. The purpose of the new alliance is to work with Constellation to drive innovation and create Energy Responsive BuildingsSM.

While Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc. provides us Four steps to make money from DR Understand - Internalize - Plan - Execute

Jack McGowan answers the question how do you turn Buzz into Business?

Bob Coppenhaver, Director Product Management and Marketing, Novar tells us about Multi-Site Demand Response Technology

A building operator is paid to voluntarily reduce or shift electrical use based upon individual decisions in response to market price levels and current building operating flexibilities and/or constraints. Under these next generation plans, the building manager is regularly advised when market prices are high, expected to be high, or exceed a pre-defined price advises Steve Schaefer, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, EnergyConnect Inc.

Ed Richards President and CEO, Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc. answers the question “Can buildings really be dynamically responsive based upon real time pricing of electricity?”

Buildings that have BACnet-based building control systems are particularly well positioned to participate in DR programs confirms Jim Butler, CTO, Cimetrics Inc.

Patrick Mazza Research Director Climate Solutions tell us; Automated buildings rich in digital control systems are ideally positioned to supply DR services to utilities and gain benefits in the form of reduced power bills.

Peter M. Schwartz, Principal Peter Schwartz & Associates, LLC advises us that energy resources will continue to become increasingly scarce, however, their scarcity and attendant price escalation drives technological improvements in buildings.

Trojan Battery Company made record-setting investments in technologies that essentially enable them to buy less energy from their utility. What's unusual about that? The utility paid for the technology, and pays Trojan Battery to use it. Read more

Tom Hartman in his open letter to the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), states; “for the CCI to be effective for buildings it must become much more engaged with electric and gas utility regulators, and through them the utilities themselves.”

Roy Kok VP Sales and Marketing Kepware Technologies shows us A New Way for Building Automation to Leverage Real-time Weather Information by using forecast data for managing energy production.

I finish up the Demand Dollars supplement with my September Engineered Systems Building Automation column which states “The opportunities surrounding Demand Response (DR) cannot be underestimated. These opportunities are available today for building system contractors, integrators and owners.”

Be sure to put the Demand Response DR-Expo in Chicago October 16 17 on your agenda.

The upcoming DR-Expo will be the first time a conference is convened that focuses on how building owners, contractors and integrators can participate in DR. The DR-Expo provides an agenda of practical and immediately actionable information on participating in DR programs.

In Paul Ehrlich’s article Delivering Sustainability he writes; In short the solutions we have been developing are what is required “behind the scenes” to deliver on sustainability. So how do you learn more? Sources like and Engineered Systems are always a great source. We would also encourage you to attend the fourth Building Automation Conference being held in Phoenix on September 25 – 27, 2007. This event is co-located with BACnet International and will provide a broad variety of information on automaton, controls, protocols, and of course the delivery of sustainability. For more details visit We will be there will you?

In addition to the above Demand Dollars articles we have more articles on BAS integration which demonstrate yet more significant opportunities.

September Articles
Delivering Sustainability
Paul Ehrlich PE,  Building Intelligence Group
Commissioning Forever
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Sinopoli and Associates
Parking Lot Gets Smart with ZigBee
Alex Leonov, Marketing Manager, MeshNetics
Designing a Daylight Harvesting System - Part 2
Craig DiLouie, Lighting Controls Association
Truth About Megapixel - Part 1 of 3
Paul Bodell, Officer, VP Marketing, IQinVision
Graphical User Interfaces
Alper Uzmezler, Systems Integrator, BAS Services

Making Money with BAS Mash-ups

"How do I make money from change?" Good question. Understanding how to mash-up the opportunities and leap frog ahead is our new number one priority. The term mash-up refers to a new breed of web-based applications where we take the traditional and non traditional connections of our Building Automation Systems and combine them to fit the owner's enterprise, while making a profit.

Jim Sinopoli's July article  The Top 10 List For Successfully Integrating Building Systems was our most read article last month and is followed up this month with Bytes and Bricks: Leaving Data and Money on the Table the pull quote “Technological change is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” Albert Einstein may provide some insight into how you are feeling about all this change.

Anto provides his views with a piece Seven Habits of a Highly Profitable Controls Company and encourages us to be proactive to ensure things happen as we want them to.

In our Interview with the CABA Intelligent Buildings Taskforce; Terry Hoffmann says:  In addition to building the business plan we have started to tackle defining the space.  Our draft definition is:  “A building that provides superior occupant comfort, efficiency and safety through the application of appropriate technology.  It supports a sustainable environment by minimizing the use of scarce resources and providing a platform for innovative conservation moving forward.  The intelligent building supports the financial and social objectives of the enterprise, the community and the economy. Building Intelligence is not static, but a process that begins with design and proceeds through construction and commissioning to a continuous management cycle of monitoring, evaluation, change, with eventual decommissioning”

I think we have all been looking for a little daylight in our busy schedules and this issue helps defines how that can become our business with the latest and greatest opportunities in lighting control for Building Automation which will provide additional energy savings and demand response. The articles: Designing a Daylight Harvesting System Craig DiLouie, Communications Director, Lighting Controls Association; DALI is Here & Here To Stay Phillip Hodge, Integration Control & Engineering (ICE); and Lighting Control Ron Poskevich, General Manager, Lumisys show us how.

Jared Malarsky, Research Analyst, ARC Advisory Group tells us that the HVAC Control Systems Market to Reach $12.7 Billion there must be some money in that for our readers.

Tom Hartman provides his views in Our Industry's Violent DisAgreement  And How to Move Forward Toward a More Efficient Future

Plus an update on the ever changing electrical Grid with these; GridWise The Right Place At An Exceptional Time  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. and Buildings 2.0 Energy and the Grid Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

I follow up with my views in my Engineered Systems' Building Automation August Column Making Money with BAS Mash-ups

Jane and I are off to The 4th Building Automation Sustainability Conference & Expo - ES Magazine and BACnet International, Sept 25-27 Phoenix, Arizona  From their interview BACnet International states: We are excited about the partnership between BNP Media (Engineered Systems magazine) and BACnet International.  The partnership allows us to pool our resources to offer attendees the most education, networking and value for their attendee dollar. To view a preview agenda from Engineered Systems for the event see

Also as usual lots of new products and our constant flow of industry news

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