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Marc Petock Contributing Editor

Chief Communications Officer, Vice President, Marketing

Lynxspring & Connexx Energy


  • The Edge  The Edge is the means to connect, collect, process data, and take actions at the sensor, controller, and equipment levels (the device-level) rather than in the Cloud or at the Enterprise.
  • A Look at Lynxspring’s New JENEsys Edge 534 Monnit Controller  January 2020
  • A Conversation with Lynxspring’s Marc Petock on AHR Expo 2018  2018 will be exciting for sure. After years of being over-shadowed, building technology is in the spotlight.
  • Haystack Headlines  For the past five years since its formation, the Project Haystack community has made significant advances in developing and defining an easy-to-use methodology to attach a description and give meaning to all types of data using a simple, extensible data-tagging approach and standard models for common types of equipment systems.
  • BACnet™ to Haystack Data Pump  The device provides direct network communication, data exchange along with  protocol translation of BACnet points to manageable Haystack points.
  • Lynxspring and Connexx Energy – Realcomm/iBCON 2014  Not only will we be exhibiting, we will also be featured speakers in some of the conference break-out sessions.
  • Haystack Connect Event Review  The ability to automatically interpret the meaning of data enables best of breed applications to be implemented, quickly and at lower cost. This gives owners more choice and a faster path to financial return.
  • Cyber Threat Protection  Cyber security is a shared responsibility—shared between technology providers, system integrators and end users.

Professional Information

Marc Petock is Vice President, Marketing at Lynxspring and Connexx Energy where he leads corporate and product marketing strategy and execution, brand management, public relations and communications to support both companies strategic and growth initiatives. Marc is a contributing author, noted speaker and recognized industry leader having earned several industry accolades. Marc serves on the board of directors of Connexx Energy and Project Haystack; is an advisor to the Realcomm Organization and a Contributing Editor to