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April 2006

2006 Niagara Summit
Marc Petock, Director of Marketing Tridium
The 2006 Niagara Summit is all about practical ideas, expanding knowledge and exchanging information that members of the Niagara Community can use today. This year’s theme is Connecting Minds and Machines.

Understanding the Connectivity Law
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO Clasma Events Inc.
Anto’s Connectivity Law: “The value of a piece of information is proportional to the number of uses that piece of information is connected to.”

Sensicast Gives Automated Buildings “The Wireless Advantage”
Gary Ambrosino, CEO, Sensicast Systems, Inc
Sensicast’s wireless sensor systems operate in buildings across North America and Europe providing robust and reliable monitoring of temperature, process, and energy as well as information for predictive maintenance.

Making Success a Standard: A New Approach
Al De Wachter, President, Independent Control Specialists Inc.
While industry complexity grows and technologies remain forever in flux, the tasks of estimating, design and submittal can finally be rationalized and standardized.

Web Services Track at BuilConn
Tim Huneycutt, VP Engineering, Gridlogix Inc
We will have speakers from the many areas where Web Services is being used, ranging from the oBIX and ASHRAE initiatives to applications available from Echelon, Gridlogix and others.

Realcomm NextGen Asia Tour
Jim Young, Founder & Producer, Realcomm
These projects assume that technology will continue to change our lives and they are incorporating this vision into these Real Estate projects.

IT-Convergence – Have we crossed the chasm?
Allan McHale, Director, i&i Ltd
Not quite; for the last three years techies and visionaries have taken the plunge and have invested in IT-Convergence solutions, but the pragmatists still have to be convinced of the business case.

IBB Back at BuilConn 2006!
Leighton Wolffe
The IBB seems to have taken on a life of its own with people interested in joining us on stage.


March 2006

Next Wave of Convergence: BAS along with Voice, Video & Data
David W Clute, Customer Solution Manager, Advisory Services - Cisco Systems
If the design of the converged network occurs early enough in the building design and construction life-cycle, there are actually capital expense savings.

Honeywell Acquires Tridium
Mike Taylor, Vice President of Marketing, Honeywell Building Solutions
Honeywell invested because we believe in Tridium’s technology and its people.

(From our January issue read) - The recent acquisition of Tridium by Honeywell
John Petze, President & CEO and Marc Petock, Director of Marketing Tridium
Our customers should see a renewed commitment and investment along with the same great technology and support.

Buildy is Back in 2006
Frank Capuano, President of Strata Resource Inc., Manager of the Buildy Awards Program and Editor of the BuilConn Update for Clasma Inc.
The Industry Award in a Time of Innovation and Convergence

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