September & October 2004

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Articles - October 2004

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Plan Users Guide - Controlling Cost  Controlling Material, Subcontract, Miscellaneous Costs, Better understanding and management of job costs. Al De Wachter, ICS Inc

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Securing Buildings News

Gridwise...merging Information Technology and Energy  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, Energy Control Inc.

Greater Use of CO2 is Not Necessarily Better Ventilation  The best controls and air distribution system are no more than useless hardware if the inputs used are not valid, or are so unreliable as to make them ineffective. Leonard A. Damiano, V.P. Sales & Marketing, EBTRON, Inc.

Building Automation Market in Finland  Building Automation and especially remote monitoring has a strong history in Finland partly because of Finland´s harsh climate conditions and long distances. Jussi Rantanen, Sales Manager, Fidelix Oy

Are You Ready for the Revolution?  Hosted versus In-house  Bob Verdun, Computerized Facility Integration, L.L.C. (CFI)

Johnson Controls Metasys N2 Networks in an Open Systems Environment  Testing of each device in a live N2 network is critical.   Brian Jones, Marketing Consultant, The S4 Group, Inc

Win-Win with Open Systems Building Automation  Paul D.J. Mason, C.E.O. BWP plc

Globalization of Building Automation Standards  The global acceptance of these standards will greatly enhance their overall powers.  Ken Sinclair,

Articles - September 2004

Plan Users Guide - Project Control  Successful project control system and project cost intro  Al De Wachter, ICS Inc

Growing a Greener Engineering Profession  Like a successful forest, our profession and our industry need to grow tall together. Thomas Hartman, P.E., The Hartman Company

OPC Consideration for Network Security  The most important thing to remember is that existing corporate IT policies must empathize with the requirements of real-time control systems, many rules will have to change accordingly. Donovan Tindill, Matrikon Inc.

Enterprise Level, Multi-Building HMI – 3rd Party Packages … a work in progress …  Edward H. Brzezowski, P.E. The Ferreira Group

Electronic Signage for Safer Buildings  Electronic Signage Networks represent the integration of now available technologies, and at a time when public safety needs are higher than ever before. Lyle Bunn, Senior Partner, Apogee Partners

Buying Open Systems (in Building Automation)  This is the sixth of 9 articles where we are introducing the cost benefit for interoperability and that gained from the procurement technique achievable with open systems and choice.  Paul D.J. Mason, C.E.O. BWP plc

Compuware Builds New Global Headquarters  Uses Vykon® by Tridium® to Enable Smart Building   Phil Bomrad, Tridium Case Study

A Truly Open Chip  For the first time ever it is now possible to develop products for BACnet networks as well as for LonWorks™ networks based on the same hardware and software platform. Ken Sinclair,

Past Favorites 

Al De Wachter, ICS Inc Plan Users Guide - Project Control

Lyle Bunn, Senior Partner, Apogee Partners  Electronic Signage for Safer Buildings
Mike Schell, AirTest Technologies Measuring The Right Thing For Humidity Control…

David E. Craven, Director of OEM Sales, AndoverControls  A Wake-Up Call and a Brainer
Ken Sinclair,  
Waking Up to Wireless 
Paul Sereiko, Founder, President, Sensicast Systems  Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks
Al Mouton, President, Loytec Americas Inc.  LonWorks and BACnet System Solution on a Chip
Al Mouton, President, Loytec Americas Inc. 
LonWorks and BACnet System Solution on a Chip
Paul D.J. Mason, C.E.O. BWP plc  Cost Comparison Model - Open vs Proprietary
Weilin Wang, Michael Nova, and John Edler, Kiyon, Inc. 
Autonomic Wireless Building Networks
Deepak Wanner, Founder, Precidia Technologies  Reaping the Benefits of IP
January 2004
Jason Sprayberry, Digi International  Ethernet: The Common Thread to Total Building Systems Integration
Randy Kondor, Matrikon Inc. Integrating OPC into Building Automation - The Latest Trend 
Engineered Systems November Supplement Marketing Convergence
Thomas Hartman, P.E. The Hartman Company  Ending the Blackout Blues 
Peter Manolescue, securityXML Ltd.  Protocol war yields to productive peace



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