December 2007

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Articles - December 2007

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GridWise, Demand Response and a Green AHR  Those who want to learn more about these automation opportunities with the electric grid should be at the AHR ASHRAE conference in New York this January 2008. John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

How Do Smart Buildings Make A Building Green?  Smart buildings make green buildings greener, and green buildings make smart buildings smarter.  Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings

B2G Summit  January 21, 2008 – New York, NY  Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

Greenbuild is the Future  Enlightened builders and engineers must prove that energy savings are not just another green building tool, but the "big hammer," both economically and environmentally. Denis Du Bois, Editor, Energy Priorities Magazine

Go Big, or Go Home!  Using large format LCD’s allows the corporation to display entire building systems on one centralized monitor, and eliminates the need for multiple smaller monitors. Dan McCarty Quality Automation Graphics 

Sydney Opera House  Information Control for the Full Asset Lifecycle  Aconex Online Document Management

Are you ready for 3D?  When it comes to developing 3D graphics, most controls companies do not have the resources or software tools to design high level graphics.  Dan McCarty Quality Automation Graphics

Grid-Interop Rocks Industry Silos  Systems integrators, business managers, and policy-makers from electric, manufacturing, commercial building, and home automation industries discover common ground for advancing a smarter electricity system.  Steve Widergren, Administrator, GridWise Architecture Council

Wiring and Air Handling Under Raised Floors  A raised floor space is a plenum only if it was specifically fabricated to transport environmental air. Jim Landolina, Wiremold/Legrand

Integrating OPC into Building Automation  The Latest Trend  MatrikonOPC - White Paper

If These Walls Could Talk  Communicating Building Information Across the Enterprise with OPC and BACnet MatrikonOPC - White Paper

Control Panel Upgrade Provides Dramatic Improvement  Lighting Control Panel Upgrade Watt Stopper/LeGrand Case Study

What You Need to Know About GridWise  GridWise improves electric power grid coordination and the refrigeration industry will benefit from it.  Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner

Last Building Automation Column  This Building Automation column has provided me with an industry soapbox to rant on, scolding and generally cajoling the industry while plagiarizing the content of the bevy of authors from our online magazine Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner

Column - December 2007

Wiring For Combustion Air  Prove the presence of the combustion air source before allowing the boiler plant to operate  Steven R. Calabrese, Automated Logic Chicago

Articles - November 2007

Getting a Handle on Energy Usage  Successful energy retrofit programs take a comprehensive approach to building systems as well as operational and maintenance practices to improve energy efficiency, comfort and productivity. Spinwave Systems, Inc.

The role of video analytics in the automated buildings market  There are now systems on the market that offer a plug-and-play solution that the average automation contractor, designer and security installer can successfully deploy and that don’t cost a tremendous amount of money. Roni Kass, Founder and CEO, ioimage

Truth About Megapixel  This is the third in a series of three articles separating fact from fiction with regard to the fast-growing megapixel camera technology. - Megapixel Network Cameras, Can They Really Save Bandwidth and Storage?  Paul Bodell, Officer, Vice President Sales & Marketing, IQinVision

Integrated Design Associates, Inc.   Design headquarters is among the first to achieve net-zero energy  Johnson Controls, Case Study

Ferreira “31 Tannery Project”  First Net Zero Electric commercial building in the U.S. A Post Occupancy Review, Observations & Lessons Learned  Edward H. Brzezowski, P.E. – LEED AP,  Director of Engineering, Ferreira Group and John Grabowski, Vice President, Live Data Systems

Demand Response and the Path to a Sustainable Energy Future  How the future unfolds, and our ability to pass on a sustainable planet to future generations, is based in large part on our success with shifting to more sustainable energy practices today. Clement J. Palevich, Constellation Sustainable Energy Solutions

Two Critical Steps Toward Sustainability  (That we need to take now!)  Thomas Hartman, P E The Hartman Company

Standing Room Only at DR-Expo The requests from sponsors, speakers and attendees alike were for DR-Expo to be held at least twice a year in the U.S.  Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

Can You Hear Me Now?  Cell Coverage in Buildings  Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings

Found in Phoenix  The conference focused on opportunities created by connections between topics that used to seem totally disparate: The national electricity distribution infrastructure and my building’s bottom line? My BAS and environmental responsibility? Enterprise management and national security? Huh?  Robert Beverly, Editor, Engineered Systems.

Building the Intelligent Bridge to Sustainability  Intelligence-based solutions can be used to deliver buildings which meet the requirements of the 21st Century, while optimising their environmental performance. Alison Nicholl, Programme Manager ibexcellence, Business Analyst i&i limited

Energy & Power  We all have to be conscious of the fundamentals of energy and only we have the power to conserve.  Ron Bernstein, Executive Director, LonMark International

Harnessing the 4 Cs  Convergence, connectivity, controls and conservation can guide us towards a more profitable, vibrant industrial future.  It's time for new thinking on energy management. Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner

Stumbling Towards Sustainability  It’s clear that in the last year our clients and society in general has moved much further in their expectations for sustainable buildings than our industry has moved in ability to effectively implement them. Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner

Column - November 2007

Terms & Terminologies – Avoiding Confusion 
A closer look at some of the words and phrases that we sometimes take for granted  Steven R. Calabrese, Automated Logic Chicago

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Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc  The Killer App is Here
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc Four steps to make money from DR
Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing, Kepware Technologies  Weather On Demand
Peter M. Schwartz, Principal, Peter Schwartz & Associates, LLC
August:  Are you ready for changing 21st Century energy markets?
Alex Leonov, Marketing Manager, MeshNetics  Parking Lot Gets Smart with ZigBee
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.Seven Habits of a Highly Profitable Controls Company
Jared Malarsky, Research Analyst, ARC Advisory Group HVAC Control Systems Market
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates
The Top 10 List For Successfully Integrating Building Systems
Alper Uzmezler Systems Integrator Building Automation Systems Services BAS Graphics - Past, Now, and Future
Mark Walters, Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance Wireless Control and Automation Made Practical -- Finally
Deke Smith, AIA,
Executive Director, buildingSMART® Alliance National Institute of Building Sciences  Truly Brilliant Buildings
Brooke Richards, Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc. The Largest Enterprise Energy Management Deployment in North America
Paul Ehrlich PE, President, Building Intelligence Group LLC Intelligent Buildings Roadmap
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates Certification for Designers and Installers
ASHRAE BACnet Standing Standards Project Committee SSPC-135 BACnet Releases Access Control Standards
Terry Hoffmann, Johnson Controls, Inc. Technology Contracting
Ken Sinclair, Marc Petock, Tridium, Mike Marston, Tridium, Martin Hodder, Tridium Asia Destination Sydney, Australia - Four For Points for the Industry
Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company Moving Toward A Sustainable Building Industry
Andreas Schneider, Executive VP, EnOcean GmbH Batteryless Radio Technology
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group Help Wanted:
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. Energy Management Systems



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