July 2008

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The most read articles of the last Ten Years

  Ken Sinclair

This is the comprehensive list of the last ten years of your favorite Articles rated by most reads. The page is worth a quick view just to grasp the subject matter covered and depth and width of the data we as an industry have created. This is just the most reads likely there are 10 or more articles, interviews, reviews for each one listed. For a complete listing of all resources go to our ARCHIVES

The amount of information is truly amazing!

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Past Favorites 

Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner AutomatedBuildings.com  My 10 Takeaways from ConnectivityWeek
May:  Anno Scholten, Novus Edge Open Source
Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner AutomatedBuildings.com  The Future of Automated Buildings in North America
Jim Sinopoli Smart Buildings  The Coming Flood of Energy Reporting, Building Sensors and System Meters 
Robert Eckery, Marcom Manager, EnOcean, Inc. Pushing Green into the Black 
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc. The Energy Revolution is Here!
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings  Eight Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2008
Dan McCarty Quality Automation Graphics  Out-of-the-Box Energy Monitoring

Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings How Do Smart Buildings Make A Building Green? 
Johnson Controls, Case Study  Integrated Design Associates, Inc.  Net-zero energy 
Edward H. Brzezowski, Ferreira Group and John Grabowski, Vice President, Live Data Systems Ferreira “31 Tannery Project”  Net Zero Electric
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc  The Killer App is Here
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc Four steps to make money from DR
Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing, Kepware Technologies  Weather On Demand
Peter M. Schwartz, Principal, Peter Schwartz & Associates, LLC Are you ready for changing 21st Century energy markets?
Alex Leonov, Marketing Manager, MeshNetics  Parking Lot Gets Smart with ZigBee
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.Seven Habits of a Highly Profitable Controls Company
Jared Malarsky, Research Analyst, ARC Advisory Group HVAC Control Systems Market
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates
The Top 10 List For Successfully Integrating Building Systems
Alper Uzmezler Systems Integrator Building Automation Systems Services BAS Graphics - Past, Now, and Future
Mark Walters, Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance Wireless Control and Automation Made Practical -- Finally
June:  Deke Smith, AIA, Executive Director, buildingSMART® Alliance National Institute of Building Sciences  Truly Brilliant Buildings
May:  Brooke Richards, Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc. The Largest Enterprise Energy Management Deployment in North America
April:  Paul Ehrlich PE, President, Building Intelligence Group LLC Intelligent Buildings Roadmap
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates Certification for Designers and Installers
ASHRAE BACnet Standing Standards Project Committee SSPC-135 BACnet Releases Access Control Standards
February:  Terry Hoffmann, Johnson Controls, Inc. Technology Contracting
January:  Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com, Marc Petock, Tridium, Mike Marston, Tridium, Martin Hodder, Tridium Asia Destination Sydney, Australia - Four For Points for the Industry

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Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company Moving Toward A Sustainable Building Industry
Andreas Schneider, Executive VP, EnOcean GmbH Batteryless Radio Technology
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group Help Wanted:
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. Energy Management Systems
October:  Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company The HVAC Industry CAN Reinvent Itself! 
Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com LONWORKS Converges with IP
Brian Thompson, Founder, Managing Director, SENSUS M.I. Service contractors profit from the HEAT
August:  Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company Can ASHRAE Reinvent Itself?
Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com  John Petze leaves Tridium
Anwer Bashir, Computrols, Inc., Artificial Intelligence in Building Automation
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company New Vistas With Relational Control
Bob Lahey, Honeywell Building Solutions Honeywell Global Service Response Center
Aaron Hansen, Tridium, Inc 
Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) 
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company New Vistas With Relational Control
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group Why your next project should be an Intelligent Building
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO, Clasma Events Inc. and Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com Building Automation Renaissance
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company  New Vistas With Relational Control  A Three Part Series PART 2: An Introduction to Relational Control
March: John Edler and Weilin Wang, Kiyon Wireless! Building Automation Unwired
Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com
Defining The Intelligent Building Control Market
Jack Mc Gowan, President of Energy Control Inc Blazing a new trail to Intelligent buildings…

Professor Derek Clements-Croome, The University of Reading, UK  Flexible Master's Programme in Intelligent Buildings
 Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group What is an Intelligent Building? Part 2
October: Jon Williamson, Chairman, BACnet Conference & Expo BACnet Conference & Expo  Update:
Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com
Building Automation has become Pointless
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group What Is An Intelligent Building? 
Deepak Wanner, Precidia Technologies Hotel PBX: The Road to IP
June: George Thomas, Contemporary Controls
Power Over Ethernet
Sinclair/McGowan/Considine/Zivney ES Supplement
George Thomas
Hubs versus Switches
April:  Eldon Ziegler  HVAC Automation and the Light Commercial Market
March: Thanh Nguyen
Building Automation with LCN
February: Michael R. Brambley, Srinivas Katipamula  Beyond Commissioning: The Role of Automation
Edward Hague  ProtoCessor - A Protocol Solution

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Steve Tom  Web Services – A New BACnet Standard 
Guy Zebrick  ZigBee or Not ZigBee
November: John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan Integrated, Interoperable and Intelligent
Brian Jones  Johnson Controls Metasys N2 Networks in an Open Systems Environment
September:  Al De Wachter  Plan Users Guide - Project Control
Mike Schell  Measuring The Right Thing For Humidity Control…
July:  David E. Craven  A Wake-Up Call and a Brainer
Ken Sinclair 
Waking Up to Wireless
Paul Sereiko  Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks 
Al Mouton  LonWorks and BACnet System Solution on a Chip 
Paul D.J. Mason
  Cost Comparison Model - Open vs Proprietary
March:  Weilin Wang, Michael Nova, John Edler Autonomic Wireless Building Networks
February: Deepak Wanner Reaping the Benefits of IP 
January: Jason Sprayberry
  Ethernet: The Common Thread to Total Building Systems Integration

December: Randy Kondor Integrating OPC into Building Automation - The Latest Trend
November: Ken Sinclair, Anto Budiardjo, Jack Mc Gowan
Marketing Convergence - Engineered Systems November Supplement
Convergence Will Happen 
Why Is There A Need For Marketing?
Selling Integration and Convergence
October: Thomas Hartman
Ending the Blackout Blues
September: Peter Manolescue
Protocol war yields to productive peace
August: John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan
Internet-based Energy and Security
Ken Sinclair
XML Spells Connection to the Future
Gary Bark Key Criteria for Selecting Building Controls Web Servers
June: Thomas Hartman "IT" Could be the Start of Something Big
May: Leonard A. Damiano
Ventilation Codes 
April: Ken Sinclair / Tom Hartman 
Controlling Convergence  - Engineered Systems April Outsert
March: Ken Sinclair  It is Time to Upgrade your DDC System
February: John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan Web-Based Automation
David S. Dougan, & Leonard A. Damiano
ASHRAE STANDARD 62 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality Analysis and Recommendations
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan  A "Black Box"  ...

Thomas Zaban BACnet - A Marketing Perspective
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan
Real-time Energy Dashboard™
Ken Sinclair
Industry Focus Shifts to Web Convergence
Steve Tom
Web Accessible Control Systems - Lessons Learned
Jonathan Buckley, Jay H. Hartley
Your Building Management System May Be Compromising Your Company's Security
Steve Tom
Web-Based Control Systems - Doing more with more 
Jim Henry  Specifying Control Systems
August: Ken Sinclair
Web Based Facilities Operations Guide
July: John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan The Business of System Integration
June: Will Podgorski The "Right Stuff"
May: Clay Nesler
Building Systems Commissioning: Let Technology do the Heavy Lifting
April: Tom Hartman All-Variable Speed Chilled Water Distribution Systems: Optimizing Distribution Efficiency

March: Edward H. Brzezowski  The Evolution and Future of Control Systems
Eric Craton and Dave Robin Information Model: The Key to Integration

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Steve Thomas Our Industry Should Support New Division 17
September:  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan
What's New and Hot in the Building Automation Market?
July: Steve Tom Web Based Control Systems The Devil is in the Details
May: Ken Sinclair  11 Revolutionary Automation Trends in Large Buildings

March: Tracy Markie  Seamless Connectivity 
January: John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan  DDC's Future 1-01

John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan  Control Synthesis 
September:  John J. "Jack" McGowan  DDC Networks:...is the question really: BACnet™ or LonWorks™?
July: Tom Hartman  The "COMFORT INDUSTRY" a 21st Century Opportunity
May: Earl Gray  Achieving Control System Independence - Controls Computers and Standards

March: John Petze  The Benefits of Ethernet to Building Automation
January: Tom Hartman  HVAC Control: An Essay on Change 

 Ken Sinclair  Are Automated Buildings Converging or Colliding with the Internet?
September: David Sandelman  Combining Wireless Technology and Internet - Seamlessly
July: Tom Hartman  Network Control: A New Paradigm For HVAC  
May: Ken Sinclair 
Your Building Address as a .com? 


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