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A smattering of our past issue history with links to old issues

This was our last monthly issue, September 2022 Connecting Community

The reinvented site came online in September 2022

Yes, we are missing linkage to 2022 issue we are on it

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We have extracted and created this table from the original page

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Mar20Our Industries’ Amazing WomenMarMar
Feb20Born Again ConnectedFebFeb
Jan20Building Engagement Platforms + “Decarbonization”JanJan
Dec19Building Wireless Inside Out While Addressing our Education-Emergency @ AHRExpo 2020DecDec
Nov19Sharing Data, Work-Space, Interaction, & Integration NovNov
Oct19Building User Connection in the Smart CityOctOct
Sep19Building Backbones and Wireless SkinSepSep
Aug19Our Education EmergencyAugAug
Jul19Recalibrate for 2020 VisionJulJul
Jun19You Do Not Know What You Do Not KnowJunJun
May19Connecting Creative CommunitiesMayMay
Apr19Holistic Cybersecurity EditorialAprApr
Mar19Automated Intelligence with Autonomous Interactions – EditorialMarMar
Feb19The Dawn of Disruption – EditorialFebFeb
Jan19“Open 2019” – EditorialJanJan
Dec18The “Edge of Change”DecDec
Nov18Edge-ifcation” – EditorialNovNov
Oct18Edge-You-Cation” – EditorialOctOct
Sep18Building Better Bots Mindful and OpenSepSep
Aug18Building WhisperersAugAug
Jul18Building EmotionJulJul
Jun18Building an Awesome UXJunJun
May18Humanistic Digital InclusionMayMay
Apr18Meta-Morphing MashupAprApr
Mar18“Transparency Transformation”MarMar
Feb 18Building BrainsFebFeb
Jan 18The Face of Digital Transformation 2018JanJan
Dec 17“Are You – I o T Ready?  #RUIoTReadyDecDec
Nov 17Agile Adaptive Autodidactic Autonomous Accepted ActionsNovNov
Oct 17People Powered TransformationOctOct
Sep 17Getting There from HereSepSep
Aug 17Autonomous Actions on the Intelligent EdgeAugAug
Jul 17Building HealthJulJul
Jun 17Sensing the ChangeJunJun
May 17The Uberization of Comfort, Satisfaction, and WellbeingMayMay
Apr 17In Search of the  “Make Me Happy Button”
Claiming our Piece of the Productivity Puzzle
Mar 17Engaging Satisfaction & WellnessMarMar
Feb 17Productivity & Satisfaction DeploymentFebFeb
Jan 17Our Assets are People, not Technology.JanJan
Dec 16The IoT Future of Building AutomationDecDec
Nov 16Low Cost Powerful Hybrid Edge ControllersNovNov
Oct 16When Evolution Turns to RevolutionOctOct
Sep 16“The Self Learning Edge Revolution”SepSep
Aug 16Low Cost Powerful Hybrid Edge ControllersAugAug
Jul 16Performance Software Evolves with Self LearningJulJul
Jun 16Measured Variables; Health, Wellbeing, & ProductivityJunJun
May 16Our Open IoT Centric FutureMayMay
Apr 16IoT Disruption Transforms and OpensAprApr
Mar 16Project-Haystack Open for MashingMarMar
Feb 16Making it MashableFebFeb
Jan 16Our Role in the TransformationJanJan
Dec 15Transformational Change for AutomationDecDec
Nov 15Our Connection CollectionNovNov
Oct 15Satisfaction + Well Being = ProductivityOct
Sep 15Change Evolves from the PossibleSep
Aug 15Transformational Change our Mission PossibleAug
Jul 15Finding Reality in a Virtual WorldJul
Jun 15Back from the StackJun
May 15Becoming an Autodidactic AssetMay
Apr 15Attracting Self-Learning AssetsApr
Mar 15Creating Self-Learning CulturesMar
Feb 15Growing our Only Asset our PeopleFeb
Jan 15AutodidacticismJan
Dec 14Creating Your CollaborationDec
Nov 14The “I of Me” of IoTNov
Oct 14Automated Diagnostics AnalyticsOct
Sep 14Education for Your VocationSep
Aug 14Working Together. Separately.Aug
Jul 14“Our Assets R U”Jul
Jun 14Our Industry’s Collaboratory at IBconJun
May 14Anniversary Issue:
15 Years in the Collaboratory
Apr 14Keeping the Cloud OpenApr
Mar 14Ownership of the CollaboratoryMar
Feb 14Mobile CollaborationFeb
Jan 14Concurrent CollaborationJan
Dec 13Collaborating ConvergenceDec
Nov 13Delivering DisruptionNov
Oct 13Build Bridges not FencesOct
Sep 13Automatically SmartSep
Aug 13Who R We?Aug
Jul 13Building Data Delivery
Jun 13Data Models Alter Industry DynamicsJun
May 13Dynamic Data Fuels Deep AnalyticsMay
Apr 13Events Evolve EveryoneApr
Mar 13Platforms, Frameworks and DatabasesMar
Feb 13Humanizing Your CloudFeb
Jan 13Happy New “Era”Jan
Dec 12Connection’s CommunitiesDec
Nov 12Lighting CommunityNov
Oct 12Connecting Connection CommunitiesOct
Sep12Defining Smart BuildingsSept
Aug12Future BuildingAug
Jul 12Cloud ControlJul
Jun 12Opening OpenJun
May 12Convergence and Collaboration
from Cloud Data
Apr 12Interacting With EnergyApr
Mar 12The Wireless WayMar
Feb 12Open Connection CommunitiesFeb
Jan 12The Value of Virtual VisibilityJan
Dec 11Connecting CommunitiesDec
Nov 11Automation Turns GreenNov
Oct 11Come In We’re OpenOct
Sept 11Are We “Open” for Business?Sept
Aug 11Embracing Change?Aug
Jul 11Creating InteractionsJul
Jun 11In and Out of the CloudJun
May 11California Cloud ConnectionsMay
Apr 11Organize, Analyze, Visualize, then MonetizeApr
Mar 11Making the Invisible VisibleMar
Feb 11Building Automation and Web Services?Feb
Jan 11Anywhere IntegrationJan
Dec 10Interrogating Information 4 Intelligent IntegrationDec
Nov 10Connecting Building Automation to EverythingNov
Oct 10From Field to CloudOct
Sep 10Open Information ConnectionsSep
Aug 10Improving Industry Information IntegrationAug
Jul 10The Connectivity of EverythingJul
Jun 10Building to Grid “B2G” Connectivity is InevitableJun
May 10Connectivity Transforms our IndustryMay
Apr 10Building Connections@ConnectivityWeekApr
Mar 10The Next Big Things – Web & WirelessMar
Feb 10Building Automation Deployment As Several Services
Jan 10New Decade + AHR PreviewJan
Dec 09AHR PreviewDec
Nov 09Measure, Map & ManageNov
Oct 09“Information, Integration, and Transformation”Oct
Sept 09“with our feet on the ground and our heads in the cloud”Sept
Aug 09Building Cloud ConnectionsAug
July 09The Clouds of Convergence & ConnectivityJuly
June 09The Power of the PeopleJune
May 09The Reinvention ConventionMay
Apr 09B the U in YoungEnergy.orgApr
Mar 09nurturing our networksMar
Feb 09A Reflection on our ReinventionFeb
Jan 09Continuing the Countdown to ChicagoJan
Dec 08Countdown ChicagoDec
Nov 08Making sense of it all at Grid-InteropNov
Oct 08Our New Energy ParadigmOct
Sept 08Demand Response NEEDS YOUSept
Aug 08“Convergence Communities”Aug
July 08Entering our 10th year online!July
June 08Be the Change!June
May 08Convergence in ActionMay
Apr 08The New Face of Building AutomationApr
Mar 08Going GreenMar
Feb 08Weaving Powerful Web ServicesFeb
Jan 08Substance for SustainabilityJan
Dec 07 Dec
Nov 07Achieving Net Zero BuildingsNov
Oct 073 C’s Melt Traditional Building LinesOct
Sep 07Demand Dollars fuel our New EconomySept
Aug 07Making Money with BAS Mash-upsAug
Mar 07 Mar
Feb 07
Jan 07
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June 06
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Jan/Feb 06 Jan
Nov/Dec 05 Nov
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Jul/Aug 05 Jul
May/Jun 05 May
Mar/Apr 05 Mar
Jan/Feb 05 Jan
Nov/Dec 04 Nov
Sep/Oct 04 Sep
Jul/Aug 04 Jul
May/Jun 04Entering the EnterpriseMay
Mar/Apr 04The Build-up to BuilConnMar
Jan/Feb 04AHR Expo 2004Jan
Nov/Dec 03Marketing Convergence and the AHR Expo 2004, AnaheimNov
Sept/Oct 03Metamorphosis in our Market PlaceSept
July/Aug 03Preparing for the MetamorphosisJuly
May/Jun 03Continuing ConvergenceMay
Mar/Apr 03Re-packaging and re-presenting our industry.
Jan/Feb 03AHR Expo 2003, Chicago
Nov/Dec 02“Online Training: A Viable Option?” & AHR Expo 2003
Sept/Oct 02Web Based Facilities Operations
Jul/Aug 02Getting To There from Here
May/Jun 02Trends in Intelligent Buildings
Mar/Apr 02Marketing New Concepts
Jan/Feb 02AHR Expo 2002, Atlantic City
Nov/Dec 01Making Sense of Sensors
Sept/Oct 01Industry Restructuring
Jul/Aug 01This is IT
Mar/Apr 01 Wonderful World of Wireless
Jan/Feb 01AHR Expo 2001, Atlanta
Nov/Dec 00Creating and Maintaining Your Virtual Image
Sept/Oct 00Preparing for the Net Effect
Jul/Aug 00A Year of Rapid Change
May/Jun 00Our Web Communities” 
Mar/Apr 00Now Available for Automated Buildings
Jan/Feb 00AHR Expo 2000, Dallas
Nov/Dec 99Introduction to Dallas show 
Sept/Oct 99Ezine evolution
Jul/Aug 99Start up issue