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Anto Budiardjo
"Facility IT Evangelist"

Anto Budiardjo

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Did you see his August cover story Engineered Systems?

Cover Story HVAC and Dreams of Integration
While the HVAC industry is poised to do well in integration, it isn't a given. Take a minute and get the big picture by starting with the building controls dream, then moving into the present and toward the future. 


Realcomm 2005  At events like Realcomm, the building automation systems industry needs to present a united value proposition, one that is business- and benefit-centric that plays to the [financial] heart of the commercial real estate industry.

Professional Information

Anto is a fractional entrepreneur, spending his time with technology companies in and around the Internet of Things.

As a creative entrepreneur, Anto has extensive experience working with product creation, customer development, product positioning, strategic marketing as well as technical functions including product and software development. Anto excels in working with complex multi-stakeholder systems, explicitly identifying customer challenges, reducing complexities to expose fundamental and core problems, and envisioning features and value propositions of technology offerings.

For three decades, Anto has provided leadership in over a dozen technology companies in the UK and US. Most have been in areas now referred to as the Internet of Things, as such Anto has the first-hand experience of this essential and burgeoning trillion dollar technology space.

Anto provided industry leadership by forming a much-needed event company, to organize conferences, seminars, workshops in the cleantech and technology sectors including holding the major meetings for the new areas of Smart Grid and IoT in the US, Europe, and Asia. Doing so, he worked extensively with government and private sector leaders in the Obama White House, the Congress, trade & technical associations and global multinational companies.

Recognizing the challenges of the IoT sector in commercial buildings, Anto worked with key thought leaders in the industry to create the New Deal for Buildings initiative and blog found at From this initiative was born the idea of redefining the space as Facility IT, the confluence of Building Automation, Facility Management, and Information Technology.

Anto consults and provides strategic advice on how best to approach a problem from conception, through development and execution.

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