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Industry Information Flow for February

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EditorialWelcome to Automated Buildings in the 21st Century AHR Logo

Check out our February  2000 Press Releases, News Briefs and New Products.


Our January 2000 issue showcases The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) Show in Dallas, February 7th-9th, 2000.

Review our participation in the following news release.

"State of the Art" Capabilities in Building Automation

Industry support of our theme and the AHR issue has been great!  Check out the 12 Articles, New Products, and News/Press Releases to preview what experts from our industry are talking about in the 21st Century.

AHR Expo 2000 All companies participating in the Expo have this logo and their booth number listed. Get up to date previews of the Dallas show.

Our Training Schedule has evolved to a list of System Training Links that will allow you to get quickly up to speed.  We will continuously update as new sources are discovered. If you know of on line training which should be added please send an Email stating the URL.

A review of yet another acronym WAP has been added to our new library resource Acronyms & Definitions. This section has been added to help you keep current with all the annoying acronyms that we must all learn to understand our future. Please send us more as you find them.

Have you tried our new feature the Site Search Engine?  Give it a try, it's fun and you will find lots of neat articles and links on our site. Looking for articles by Hartman?  Type in Hartman and hit start. Click on articles or reviews you want to view.  If you wish to search the actual matched document for a keyword use the Find Function on your browser, usually "Ctrl F".  Use our search feature to see if you are linked to us, and where.

For January there are new links in our Link Library and Software Library Check them out.

A special thanks to our new and ongoing advertisers. These companies make our web resource and Ezine possible so be sure to click on their banner/showcase ads under Products and become familiar with their services.  As with any good trade magazine the advertising is much of the total content and message conveyed. Please feedback your thoughts as well as the kind of information you would like to see in this internet resource. Help us get known to the world by telling a friend or colleague. 

As you can see we have been busy responding to your requests and look forward to continuing to shape into your Internet Automation Resource.

Our next issue of The Automator is March 1st, 2000, and it will include a review of the Dallas AHR Show.  Our theme for the issue will be "Now Available for Automated Buildings", however, as usual we are always looking for good industry articles.  Please get your articles in early.  Send to

Previous Favorites is a new feature. We add the article most viewed in the previous issue.
- November/December's issue favorite was
Are Automated Buildings Converging or Colliding with the Internet?
- September's issue favorite was
Notifact Systems'
Combining Wireless Technology and Internet -- Seamlessly
- July's issue was Tom Hartman's great article prepared just for our official launch
Network Control: A New Paradigm For HVAC
- May/June's favourite was
Your Building Address as a .com?

Control Solutions, Inc We are also always upgrading our Events Calendar so take a look.

This is not just a spectator sport, please send your articles, new releases and new product information to us.  Click here to see article format.  If you are pushed for time send us an email and we will format your message to the industry and your clients.  Take a look at our When Automation Becomes Art article which originally was an email.


BACnet Specifiers' Guide Now Available! 

State-of-the-Art Building Automation Session to be Featured at AHR Expo 2000 in Dallas

Wireless 2000, February 28 - March 1, 2000—New Orleans, Louisiana

News Releases (updated February/00)

News Releases (updated January/00)


Articles for January

January's Product, Software and Web Site ReviewsWebfoot Picture

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