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10:08 AM

Can ASHRAE Reinvent Itself?

“We’re ready, and we’re waiting! Which is it?” Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company

10:07 AM

Wireless, the winning solution for building automation!

Wireless devices, once matured will surely offer the most impact, allowing control devices to instantly create their own communicating infrastructure without the extensive wiring costs typically involved with a controls only retrofit. Trevor S Palmer, Marketing Manager, Viconics Inc.

10:05 AM

What is HOT in Information Technology? is critical in the IT world, and based on the growth in this sector this will remain true. John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

10:05 AM

The not so obvious benefits of wireless control networks

These benefits come from the flexibility provided by being able to sense without the need for connecting wires. Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group

10:04 AM

What exactly are intelligent buildings?

A common but simple definition of an intelligent building could be: “An intelligent building provides a responsive, effective and supportive environment within which an organisation can achieve its business objectives”. Mark Griffiths, Dimension Data UK

10:03 AM

LONWORKS Converges with IP

These two worlds; LON and IP are set to converge in a big way in Amsterdam this October 3-5 at ConnectivityWeek Europe. Tracy Markie, Chairman LONMARK International

10:02 AM

Fast Forward Freeze Frames

It seems that our complete industry is on fast forward as the events, articles, interviews, reviews, news releases and new products cross my computer screen before finding their way to our rss news feed. Ken Sinclair

10:01 AM

Singapore 2006

Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO Clasma Events Inc.
It has been said many times before that Asia, and especially Singapore is leading the charge with Intelligent Buildings.

10:00 AM

Intelligent Buildings

Paul Ehrlich, President, Building Intelligence Group
We have seen strong progress toward delivery of Intelligent Buildings. The technologies have become more economical, the integrators more sophisticated, but most importantly owners are starting to demand it.

09:59 AM

Wireless Device Networking Market

John Morris, Vice President - Americas, Jennic, Ltd.
There are markets that ZigBee talks about, like home and building controls, industrial automation and the like, but watch out for health care devices, office equipment, AMR, and some consumer products you simply won’t believe.

09:57 AM

ibX Forum - Building Value with Intelligence

We have at this time only a rough draft of the proceedings for the ibX Forum - Building Value with Intelligence and this is attached

09:57 AM

Lots of News from LONMARK

Lots of news is been generated in the LON camp these days.

09:55 AM

Energy Impact of Commercial Building Controls & the High Performance Buildings Database

The purpose of this review is to simply make you aware of this valuable resource. The High Performance Buildings Database is research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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05:16 PM

Demand-Response, Spinning-Reserve Demonstration—A New Tool to Reduce the Likelihood of Outages

Berkeley, CA—The first-ever demand-response, spinning-reserve demonstration will give California a new tool to avoid rolling blackouts during periods of high electricity demand. The joint project of the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technologies (CERTS) and Southern California Edison (SCE) will begin in August.

05:15 PM

New Insight into Biometric Technology

New 12-month electronic newsletter for the biometric industry

05:14 PM

“Digital Signage Competitive Edge $2,500 Buy-Back Offer”

“Frustration with digital signage software and media players’ learning curve results in shelfware and lack of ROI “

05:12 PM

Richards-Zeta (RZ) and Cisco Connected Real Estate (CCRE) Business Opportunities Accelerating at a Rapid Pace World-Wide.

Santa Barbara, CA - July 12, 2006 - The RZ and CCRE relationship, business opportunities and projects are accelerating at a rapid pace around the world. Richards-Zeta attended the latest CCRE Summit at the Cisco Campus in Plano, Texas last week to hear and see the news about the newest CCRE projects. Next week, Richards-Zeta is headed to Cisco's San Jose Campus to attend yet another training and provide education for Richards-Zeta's Mediator MPX Hardware/Software Solution.
Richards-Zeta Middle East and Near East CCRE Support Announcement

05:09 PM

Beckhoff BK9105 is Ethernet/IP-Compliant and Loads Big Features into Small Package

Affordable Ethernet/IP Bus Coupler is compatible with entire Beckhoff Bus Terminal I/O System of 200+ terminals

02:47 PM

Honeywell Brings New Levels of Hospital Safety and Security for Army Families

Integrated Security System Will Maximize Visibility and Efficiency for Soldiers, Employees at Fort Wainwright

02:46 PM

ISA - Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary (with CDROM)

ISA's Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary now comes with a CD-ROM to make finding answers to your questions even easier.

02:43 PM

IFSA Sensors & Transducers Journal, Vol. 69, No. 7, July 2006

259 reviewers from 47 countries and 5 continents have joined the our editorial board. These persons (96 professors and 138 doctors) are not only from universities but also from research centers and industrial companies, for example, Advanced Micro Device, Agilent, IMEC, IMTEK, Fiat, Kodak, Robet Bosh, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, etc. It lets us review and publish your articles in the shortest possible time.

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04:03 PM

Echelon's Worldwide Integrators Conference

Don't Miss Echelon's Worldwide Integrators Conference, Sept. 25-26, 2006!

04:02 PM

BuilConn Europe - Amsterdam 3-5 October 2006

The Business of Building-IT Convergence
Now in its 3rd year in Europe, BuilConn focuses on the application of IP building systems to enable Intelligent Connected Buildings.

04:01 PM

KMC Pioneer Passes Away

20 July 2006 • New Paris, IN Klaus P. Mueller, a manufacturing pioneer for KMC Controls, passed away Sunday, July 9, 2006 following a brief illness. He was 78. Born in Doebeln, Germany, Mr. Mueller immigrated to Goshen, Indiana in 1957 with his wife and family.

04:00 PM

LonMark Sessions and Meetings to be Held in Conjunction with European ConnectivityWeek, October 3-6, 2006

Please mark your calendars and join us at the RAI in Amsterdam, Netherlands for our annual LONMARK International Member Meeting and Reception. This year's meeting will include LONMARK sessions to be held in conjunction with the European ConnectivityWeek activities (BuilConn, M2M Expo and Conference, Wi-tivity and Gridwise Expo). Activities will include pre-conference sessions and a LONMARK hosted track on a variety of topics within the BuilConn schedule.

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02:29 PM

Privaris® Announces John Petze as CEO, Strengthens Focus on Deploying Mass Market Biometric Technologies

John Petze to focus effort on building strategic partnerships and sales channels
Former CEO Barry Johnson moves into key CTO role, retains chairmanship

02:28 PM

Clasma Events Inc. Launch Wi-Tivity Conference & Expo

DALLAS, TEXAS—17th July, 2006 Clasma Events Inc. the organisers of the BuilConn, M2M Expo & Conference and GridWise, today announced the launch of a new conference to focus on Wireless Connectivity. Wi-tivity will be the first event to focus on the use wireless as a connectivity media for the control and monitoring of devices and systems.

02:26 PM

Echelon Technology Adopted as Chinese Standard for Control Networking

LonWorks® Platform Now a Control Standard in North America, Europe and Asia

02:25 PM

LONMARK International Launches New Initiative to Certify Industry Professionals on the Proficiency of LONMARK Open Systems

First program to address quality and skill requirements for installing and integrating open systems

02:23 PM

M2M/Pervasive Internet Market Forecast Now Published (Currents #77)

Issue #77: Harbor Research 2006 M2M-PI Worldwide Forecast Now Published

02:22 PM

Prestigious "Digie" Award Presented to Intelligent Buildings

Charlotte, N.C. (PRWEB) July 12, 2006 –- At the 2006 Realcomm National Real Estate Conference, Intelligent Buildings™ was recognized and honored for their Charlotte, NC, Ballantyne Village project and presented with the “Digie” Award. The Realcomm “Digie” Award recognizes a firm that has integrated building technology in real estate. Realcomm was in Dallas, Texas on June 25-27, 2006.

02:21 PM

Pharmaceutical Research Center to Install Building Automation System from TAC

Eisai Research Institute Will Use System at New Boston Area Research Facility

02:20 PM

2006 AHR Expo-Mexico Sold Out - Exhibit Space Added!!

The 2006 AHR Expo-Mexico is on pace to be the largest HVAC/R Event ever held in Mexico City! This year's square footage sold has already surpassed the last Mexico City Show (2001). In order to accommodate high exhibitor demand, 4,600 square feet has been added to the original layout.

02:19 PM

Veris Industries Co2 Duct Sensors win in ACHR NEWS 2006 dealer design awards

PORTLAND, Ore – July 7, 2006 – Veris Industries was recognized for excellence in product design in the third annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine. An independent panel of 45 contractors acted as judges in the contest that had 112 entries from 75 manufactures. Veris’ CO2 Duct Sensors (CD Series) received the Bronze Award in the Indoor Air Quality category.

02:18 PM

Automated Logic Corporation Honors Top Dealers

Atlanta, GA – July 7, 2006 – Automated Logic Corporation (ALC), a leading manufacturer of intuitive and innovative building control solutions, recently honored its dealers at its Annual Meeting. The top awards were based on many factors including superior performance in the field, reputation in the market, sustained yearly growth, and willingness to learn and develop.

02:17 PM


Need to get up to speed on one of the leading fieldbuses on the market today? This pocket guide provides a basic overview of PROFIBUS operations, installation and configuration, wiring schemes, troubleshooting, and tips and tricks.

02:16 PM

Internet Home Alliance Research Council Research Documents

Further to past announcements, we are pleased to announce that the Internet Home Alliance (IHA) Research Council was officially launched on July 1, 2006. For more information, please go to: CABA is also extremely pleased to announce that the following companies will be presented on the new IHA Research Council Advisory Board and have become new CABA members effective July 1, 2006: General Motors Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, and SupportSoft, Inc.

02:15 PM

City of Phoenix Selects NetClear GT3 Cabling System for their new Convention Center

New Holland, PA and New London, CT (July 5, 2006)… The City of Phoenix has selected a NetClear GT3, an enhanced Category 6 high-performance horizontal structured cabling system from Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, and Ortronics/Legrand, for their data, voice and video applications for the first phase of their new two million square-foot convention center. The Phoenix Convention Center is a $600 million expansion project that will triple the size of the current facility and will include a high-speed network for the exhibit floor, lecture halls, meeting rooms and for retail services.

02:12 PM

Thirty Million U.S. Households Will Have an Entertainment Network by 2010

Dallas, Texas, July 6, 2006 - The number of U.S. households with a connected entertainment network will reach 30 million by 2010, according to "Networks in the Home: Connected Consumer Electronics," a new report from Parks Associates. A connected entertainment network is a network composed of either a PC connected to at least one consumer electronic (CE) device or multiple interconnected CE devices such as a whole-house DVR system.

02:11 PM

AHR Expo Adds IAQA as New Endorsing Association

WESTPORT, CT - July 5, 2006 - Reflecting its ongoing commitment to improving Indoor Air Quality, the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) has announced its endorsement of the AHR Expo. IAQA is the 26th organization to endorse the HVAC/R industry-leading event.

02:10 PM

Call for papers for Clima 2007 World Congress

Finland will host REHVA's 9th World Congress Clima 2007 on June 10-14th, 2007.

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03:14 PM

Pacific Northwest GridWise™ Testbed Demonstration

Don Hammerstrom, Ph.D., Project Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
I believe the word “testbed” reflects our hope for an enduring field demonstration site where progressive utilities and the lab can test various emerging innovations, equipment, and tools. Our present “testbed” extends over four cities and multiple regulatory entities in Washington and Oregon and involves several utilities.

03:14 PM

Home Gateway Initiative release 1.0 specifications published

The Home Gateway Initiative ( is pleased to announce the official approval and release of its set of specifications for release 1.0.

03:13 PM

BuilConn Organizers Announce Call For Papers

DALLAS, TEXAS—26th June, 2006—BuilConn, the premier event for the intelligent buildings industry, announces its call for papers today. The annual event will be held on 3rd – 5th October 2006, at The RAI Congress Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

03:11 PM

TAC announces wireless-enabled building control networks

Called the first wireless solution to support a complete range of BACnet® field controllers...Reduces costs and allows easy upgrades for improved building performance and energy efficiency.

03:10 PM

M2M Expo & Conference Organizers Announce Call For Papers

DALLAS, TEXAS—26th June, 2006 - M2M Expo and Conference, the leading event that defines the market, the leaders, and the technology breakthroughs of this promising industry, announces its call for papers today. The annual event will be held on 3rd – 5th October 2006, at The RAI Congress Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

03:09 PM

Clasma Events Inc. Launch European ConnectivityWeek

DALLAS, TEXAS—26th June, 2006 Clasma Events Inc. the organisers of the BuilConn, M2M Expo & Conference and GridWise, today announced the launch of European ConnectivityWeek™. The annual event will be held on 3rd to 5th October 2006, at The RAI Congress Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and follows on from the very successful North American ConnectivityWeek™ that was held in Palm Springs, California in May 2006.

03:07 PM

Echelon Approved As Next-Generation Meter Supplier to Consortium of Swedish Utilities

(San Jose, CA - June 29, 2006) - Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON), a global networking company providing technology and solutions for controls, smart metering, and energy and environment management, today announced that it has been selected as an approved supplier of "next-generation" electricity meters and associated infrastructure for Svenska Mätsamarbetet (SAMS), a consortium of 33 medium and small sized Swedish utilities that collectively represent approximately 20% of the Swedish residential metering market. The award, made under Swedish public procurement rules, allows each SAMS member to purchase the meters and system components it requires to fulfill its obligations from any of the approved suppliers without the need for individual public tenders, saving the member utilities time and expense. Sweden is in the process of replacing all of its 5 million electricity meters in order to comply with regulations requiring monthly customer billing by July 1, 2009.

03:06 PM

Digital Realty Trust Implements TAC BAS

Best-in-Class Andover Continuum Building Automation System from TAC Provides Increased Energy Efficiency, Lower Operational Costs and Enhanced Building Management Capabilities to Digital Realty Trust Tenants

03:05 PM

IntelliCom launches M2M web site

Halmstad Sweden – June 28, 2006, IntelliCom is proud to announce the release of a brand new M2M web site, The web portal will focus on the M2M (Machine 2 Machine) business. The portal will cover news, events and other information about the M2M industry.

03:04 PM

New Beckhoff CX9000 Embedded PC Reduces Size and Energy Consumption

Cost effective and compact CX9000 Embedded PC features XScale® technology for greater energy efficiency

03:02 PM

Supporting Organizations and Speakers Announced for Net-atHome™2006: the World’s most International Connected Home event

Sophia Antipolis, France, June 20, 2006 - Homega Research announces today the conference agenda and the list of the supporting organizations of its Net-atHome™2006 event, to be held on Sept. 26 & 27 in Cannes, French Riviera. “Net-atHome™ is the most international event in the connected home field, gathering 200 to 300 delegates each year from 25 different countries worldwide.

03:01 PM

ZigBee Adds Huawei Technologies, Schneider Electric and STMicroelectronics To Board Of Directors

Addition of Giants Increases Global and Market Momentum, Endorses Standards Approach

02:59 PM

AEE - Energy Auditing & Interoperable DDC Systems online seminars

Instructed by Ira Goldschmidt, P.E., LEED® AP
New Program Starts July 13
Instructed by Fredric S. Goldner, C.E.M.
New Program Starts July 13


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